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Photos from Mid-Atlantic Code Camps.

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Michael Smith, Eldon Seifert, and Stan Spotts

Sandra Clark

Panoramic view of the Keynote audience

Dwayne Taylor

Darrell Norton and Wally McClure

Darrell Norton

Bill Ryan, Robin Edwards, and Sahil Malik

Taking a break

Anil John and Wally McClure

Bill Ryan

Hal Hayes, G. Andrew Duthie, and Sahil Malik

Scott Allen

Hal Hayes

Scott McHugh

Prepping for check-in

Sahil Malik

Sreedhar Koganti

Jonathan Cogley

Brian Noyes

MAD Code Camp Logo

Randy Hayes

Getting started with check-in

Andrew Lader

The RDA gang has a pow-wow

Scott Lock and Stan Spotts

Robin Edwards

Julie Lerman

Raring to go!

Frank LaVigne


Hal Hayes

Ray Barley

Album Mid-Atlantic Code Camp 1

Album is not private

Selected Photo: Michael Smith, Eldon Seifert, and Stan Spotts

Michael, Eldon, and Stan were all a big help. Michael brought colorful stickers to help identify speakers, volunteers, and user group leaders at a glance. Eldon managed check-in and onsite registration brilliantly, and Stan provided great moral support (and hefted tables, too!).

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